Trip to Southend 17th August 2012

We had a very lovely day at Southend – a lovely meal – sunshine.  Sue was so kind to everyone and looked out for us. There was a lovely atmosphere, everybody getting together and we were sorry when we had to go home.  Every time I saw June she was laughing – she was wearing a big floppy hat which made people laugh when they saw her.  Every time we asked her if she was enjoying herself she gave two thumbs up and a big grin.  Roll on to next years trip to Southend!!!   Ivy

I had a lovely journey on the coach to Southend.  We went for coffee and a walk when we got there.  We walked along the front to a fish shop for lunch which was very nice.  The fish was so big it was hanging off the plate and beautiful and white.  Did some window shopping then tea and cake.  Edna

I enjoyed every bit of it, the weather was lovely.  Went to a nice restaurant down near Westcliffe and we had the plaice to ourselves.  All very friendly.  Southend was packed, loads of children.  I loved it.  Nobody wanted to go home it was such a marvelous day.   Flo

I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Very relaxing. Beautiful.  A lovely dinner, ate a bit too much but it was nice.  Wasn’t sure my tummy could take it.  Good company, everybody enjoying themselves – it was lovely.  To top everything it was a delightful and beautiful day!   Helena

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