Cook & Eat is back!!

After a summer break the Cook and Eat Club (where we all share in deciding what to eat, then preparing and eating it – and washing up afterwards!) will meet again at 11.30 on Sunday September 2nd.   We need a range of skills, from peeling potatoes to making pastry to clearing up afterwards, so whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll be very welcome. And of course as we never cook in a rush, there’s always time for lots of chatting.

Over the last few years we’ve cooked all sorts of fish, meat, chicken and vegetarian dishes, from moussaka to roast chicken, and trifle to cheese cake. When we were discussing in July what to make in September, we realised we’d never made any egg dishes. So this Sunday we’ll be having vegetable soup, then a range of egg dishes – omelettes with different fillings, scrambled eggs (probably with smoked salmon), fritatta, pancakes, and any other interesting eggy things we can think of. We’ll follow this with apple crumble and custard. If you’d like to come. or want to find out more about us, please ask Helen or Sue at the centre or call 020 7405 2493 – we’d love to see you there!  All the best, Leatrice

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