What a Good Show!

Well, along with most Londoners I wasn’t looking forward to the Olympics.  The papers had been spreading so much doom and gloom about it and telling us that there would be so much disruption and chaos to our lives, especially those of us that live in Central London.  How wrong could they have been, I was soon completely converted to the Games, watching it all on the TV and I was fortunate enough to be treated by a niece to go to the Paralympics at the Athletic Stadium on the 5th September.  The stadium was huge and the atmosphere was fantastic – so many people all waving Union Jacks, and the roar of the crowds when a GB athlete was introduced was amazing and when we saw David Weir in his wheelchair win his 2nd Gold Medal the roar reached crescendo level..  I felt so proud and quite emotional singing the National Anthem when David was presented with his Gold Medal.  I will never forget that experience.
I was also amazed at the size of the Olympic park and didn’t even manage to see or get around all of it.  The Volunteers were fantastic – so helpful, in the Park, rail stations, Covent Garden, etc.  As we left the park they thanked us for coming.  They certainly helped in the success of these games, which I believe were the best ever.  The organisation, the athletes, spectators, venues, and the volunteers.
I also managed to watch the Parade on the 10th September, being right at the front, near The Aldwych.  The atmosphere again was fantastic, we “high-fived” the motorcycle cops and the Volunteers when they passed by.  To name just a few I saw Ellie, Mo, Tom Daley, Hannah Cockcroft, Christine Ohuruogo.  To see all the Olympians proudly wearing their medals was lovely and they justly deserved all the cheers they got as they went passed and once again all the Union jacks were being madly waved.
There has been such a “good Feel” factor these past few weeks and it’s been great to be proud to be British.  Everyone has been feeling so patriotic.  I would be lovely if that atmosphere could continue.
Now it’s all over its back to my classes at Millman Street and Bedford House, these being Pilates, Aerobics and the Ancestry Class. The Voice of Covent Garden
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