Boat trip to Windsor

Well friends, here is the report on our 2 hour boat trip to Bray from Windsor.

Firstly I have to reveal (as some of you have guessed who I am) yes I am the EL MOANO from last years blog!

The coach ride was pleasant down the M4 Motorway.  I knew the pantomime had strarted when Harpo ( Ruth) and Groucho ( Margret ) started off with their comedy act.
The cruise took in many places to Windsor race course where Harpo and Groucho wanted to place a bet.  Many famous houses, past the Bray studios where all the great dracula movies were made and past Margot Fontaines’ house.  At the Olympic rowing venue we had to stop and lower the roof to go under the bridge!  Some bright spark at Windsor Council offices decide to measure the height plans in centimetres and not inches.

We passed many barges and cruisers.  All waved with a smile back to us.  Having berthed back at Windsor we all had ice-cream with different flavours which kept the comedy pair silent for a short time.
…and so homeward bound via a detour due to an accident on the motorway, as Harpo nodded off to dream land while Groucho was still laughing.   El Moano

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