The volunteers night

I love London, it reminds me of Baghdad” I said to my Iraqi friend who laughed at me mockingly!

“Yes it does” I insisted, “ particularly in opening its doors and welcoming all the nations… in Baghdad you may hear people speaking Kurdish, Turkish, Persian, Suriani, Kildani, Armenian, Assurian and of course Arabic. Even English who used to live there, when the situation was better” I said.

I love London for it is the capital of the world, it is a home for many nations. Some English people complain about the cosmopolit-an side, they don’t like to hear other language being spoken.

streetI have been living in Millman street for over 10 years, the work and lack of time didn’t give me a chance to know MSCC until the I attended a meeting for an organisation against American invasion of Iraq.

Later when I managed to visit the centre from time to time, I made friends, and felt that I could do something to be part of this wonderful team.

Although I have been in London for more than 20 years, and I have worked with both English and Arabic people, I have also participated with many political and social events, but I was never close enough. The volunteer night, which had been arranged by the splendid Sue and Richard, gave me a chance to see the real London, to feel I am a Londoner and proud to be part of the colourful rainbow of the society. There was Gena from Italy, Ken half Spanish, Oskan from Turkey, a young lady from Portugal, Sam‘s brother who is married to an Arabic lady, and of course the English.

We had a beautiful night, met with a wonderful old and young people who work very hard as a volunteers. Thanks to Sue and Richard who are the dynamo of MSCC. Cheers, yaşa, Cin cin, Salud, gracias بصحتكم (bisahatkum)

Ibtesam Yousif

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