Millman Members Experience on Blogging Course

Tony Jack

I have really enjoyed learning to create a Blogger site at Millman street resource Centre. After been shown the basics of setting up a Blogg Site, then practised the installation, I am geting more confident in the set up and signing in to my blog site now. The site that I have set up calling it“About Town” where I want to keep in touch with family and friends and keep them informed  of things of interest, and hope to get feed back from them  and any one else the site may interest.


Tom McMillan

I found blogging initially very vague and puzzling, but after a few weeks I got a feel for the subject as a result of a very good tutor. I chose sport as my blogging subject especially football, rugby and golf. I find it a very good way to communicate with people with the same interests, but possibly with very different views. In order to retain my privacy, although I have nothing to hide, I have written anonymously. I have enjoyed the course enormously.



When I started to do my blog it’s  I was struggling . I didn’t know on how to go about it. But when I get the hang of it am beginning to like and I was so excited. My blog is about my holiday in Prague. It was one of my favourite country I had been through all the places I had been. I love this course very much if I can recommend it to my friends and have a go. Our tutor is very helpful and patient with us. S o far we enjoyed it very much and it’s fun.


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