Day of Little Venice

It was the sunniest day in London during this month. So all the Londoners celebrating the sun, they reminded us of how and why our ancestors worshiped our SUN!

People forgot the May day which is being celebrating in many countries around the Globe, so Little Venice Festival was a beautiful excuse to celebrate that day. I found it an opportunity to walk there. Started taking photos the minute we arrived at the canals.

photo of the ves

I believed the Boats owners created this festival to enhance their business and encourage people to consider the boats as better idea for transportation and enjoy the day trip.

littele venice

The music was very nice although only One  band was there, but the people seemed to like it, while enjoying  the drink and food.

music in the canal

I wished that our community would have a picnic there as many people did.


I spotted George arriving there so we managed to photo him, but he didn’t see us.


looking for georgeWe moved and looked around for him but unfortunately we didn’t see him or any other member of our group of photo club!


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One Response to Day of Little Venice

  1. amal says:

    it was a beautiful day, I hope in similar occasion you may hire a boat for a trip and rises any issue you like to make the people aware of. well done

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