A great Deal of fun

Last Wednesday we took a trip to Deal near Dover in Kent.

The driver was being guided by sat-nav so I wasn’t surprised when we veered off the motorway and proceeded down a country lane.  Your intrepid reporter started worrying when we started ducking branches and leaves and the lane narrowed to the width of a horse and cart.

When we arrived in Deal, I know they said it was sleepy and quiet but I didn’t expect to see tumble weed to be blowing down the high  street.

I asked a native what the ball was on top of a building. He said: “Well, young sir, when the ball drops it tell us its one or two o’clock precisely”.  I pointed to my watch saying “why don’t  you have  one of these”! He pointed at the watch and with hands waving shouted “the devils creation – be gone”.

As we drove away from this charming fishing port, I swear I saw  LORD  LUCAN wave at me from the fisherman’s arms.

The infamous tower and watch replacement service

By your ACE reporter  EL MOANO (Ken)

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1 Response to A great Deal of fun

  1. sam says:

    good moaning Ken, beautiful photos, well done

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