Jewish Music at Millman Street Community Centre

20130902_131802On Tuesday 3 September  2013  people at the community centre were  excited about a music event that was prepared for them to enjoy by the lovely Sue.

It was the first time I heard about Jewish music!

I believe it is a traditional music close to Polish music.

However, all music plays an important role in our lives. Both traditional and international music are important and they have brought their own benefits to our lives.

Music is recognisd as a universal language; no matter which language or which nation the music from, you can enjoy it as much as the musician who plays it.


Throughout history, music has been an essential part of human life. People can hear music everywhere, especially international music.

20130902_133655For the people at Millman Street Community Centre these events are essential as they lift their spirits and give them hours of happiness. The music was lovely with violins and an accordion and in style it is related to many countries’ folk music. It is moving. Music makes people closer when they listen together.

Music is one of  the first forms of art known to man. The first instrument invented by the first civilisation – Sumerian, a region south of modern-day Iraq – was made out of reed that was, and still is, part of that region’s landscape. They made a few holes throughout the reed. It was similar to the flute they found in Germany, which was made out of a bird’s bone.

Music proved to play an essential part in our lives. They used to play it to protect themselves from evil spirits or to celebrate or to pray to the Gods.

I cannot imagine how our world would be without music. Music, since its birth, has brought to life many real and immortal artistic values.

Hardly is there anyone who has never listened to a song or music. Hence, we all seem to owe many things to music.

By Ibtesam Al-Tahir


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