Cook and Eat Club

Millman Street’s Cook and Eat Club entered its sixth year on  December  1st and celebrated with an early Christmas dinner – complete with Bucks Fizz, Christmas pudding and crackers. We welcomed a new member – Mullegeta – and sent best wishes to Sheila, who is recovering from a hip operation.

The Cook and Eat Club always meets at 11.30 on the first Sunday of the month  – no matter what the date is – and by 12.00 the dining room at Millman Street is a hive of activity as our members (there are usually about eight)  peel apples, chop onions, make pastry and do whatever is needed for that day’s meal.

We started 5 years ago as a ‘Healthy Eating Group’ and talked a lot about cooking without salt, using a wide range of vegetables and not too much animal fat. We still go for the healthy option  but over the years we’ve broadened our interests to use the huge range of foods available in London and have whatever we fancy.  Over the last few months we’ve made (everything from scratch)  and eaten  lasagne, paella, quiche and pizza, as well as vegetable soup, Irish stew, Fisherman’s pie, Scotch eggs, trifle, apple crumble and home made ice cream. The only thing we haven’t managed so far, that we’ve had a request for, is cassoulet – made with about six different kinds of  Italian sausage and some weird and wonderful parts of the pig. You never know – but don’t hold your breath.

Next month we’re having do-it-yourself sausages and croquettes (George’s suggestion). Leatrice will bring a range of different foods such as mince, cheese, bread crumbs, eggs, courgettes, onions and tomatoes  and we’ll make our own mixtures. And for dessert we’re having Carmen’s special request – creamy rice pudding. Should be interesting!

While we’re eating – at a table beautifully set by Carmen, always with artistically arranged bowls of flowers – we chat about everything from old films and what we’ve watched on TV to the state of the country to what we all did in the previous month. Then  we decide what to eat next month. This is quite difficult, because we’re usually pretty full by then! We leave at about 3.30. Leatrice buys the food, and everyone pays £3 for the meal.

|We’ve got space for another two members; if you think you might be interested in coming, talk to Sue at Millman Street and she’ll tell you all about it. You don’t have to be a whizz at cooking, as the idea of the group is that we all learn new or different ways of cooking at home, you should just be willing to help. And as there are so many of us, it’s never hard work.

Happy New Year to everyone, Leatrice

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