TEA & TALKIES – The Imitation Game

As part of the Tea & Talkies season, Holborn Community Association members recently attended a screening of The Imitation Game at the Warner Brothers Cinema in Theobald’s Road.  The film is about Alan Turing, the father of modern computing, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch (of “Sherlock” TV fame) and his work at Bletchley Park during WW2 decoding the Germans’ Enigma Machine messages.  Turing’s work is said to have shortened the war by 18 months, and saved thousands of lives.

The members seemed very impressed with the film.  “One of the nicest I’ve ever seen,” said Ivy, “It held your attention.  A very good story.  Benedict Cumberbatch was brilliant.”

“The film was very good,” agreed Helen, with Margaret adding that it was “well acted”.  All agreed that it was “so sad when he (Turing) had to die.”

The wartime setting of the movie inspired memories from members of their own experiences during the Blitz, including Ivy’s recollection of the ticking of a time bomb that fell close to her childhood home in Holborn during a raid.

Many thanks to the Warner Brothers who are partners with HCA. Our Older Peoples Services are also one of Warners impact charities and they raise funds for us.

They have organised  film screenngs  followed by wonderful afternoon tea for several years  for local over 55’s.  As Megan , Helen’s intern was leaving her job, members wished her good luck and signed a leaving card  and gave her some flowers to thank her.

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