Recently, Millman Street Members were treated to a series of workshops by a singer and pianist from the Royal Opera House.  Helena, whose father was Italian and who was brought up on opera, said, “It was very good; lovely, all that sort of nonsense!”

Maria, who is Italian, said the recital from the ROH was “Buono!” (good), inspiring a discussion about opera composers and singers.  These included Puccini, Verdi, Donazetti and Gerswhin, and the Three Tenors (Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo) and Mario Lanza.

Pamela, whose son is a flautist, harpist and pianist, likes opera but missed the performance.  She would like to see and hear more singers at the Centre, regardless of genre.

In addition to the performance of ROH singer Rebecca and pianist Asheley, members were also given singing and technique lessons during the workshops.  Margaret (also of Italian heritage) said the recital was “Very good,” and enjoyed how Rebecca explained the lesson.  “She was a very nice lady,” she added, and the performance was “Very uplifting.”

Canute, himself a singer and actor, “Enjoyed it tremendously!  Rebecca was a really good teacher.  I hope she’s coming back soon!”  Sentiments echoed by David.  “It was fantastic, amazing!” he enthused, “It was great to get stuck in!”, also adding that he’d like to see the ROH return.  The singing lessons helped him overcome stagefright, he said.  “Years ago, I wouldn’t have done anything like that; I’d have preferred to draw or paint quietly in the corner”.

Fred & Olive also enjoyed the performance and the workshops.  “They taught us how to use our stomach muscles and to control our voices,” said Fred.

Copy of GEAK_20150522_133410_077

Rebecca and Asheley (at the piano) from the Royal Opera House running the workshop.


Margaret (above) and Helena (below) trying on costumes at the Royal Opera House.


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