Members were recently treated to a Comedy Improvisation Workshop at Millman Street Centre.  They were given a subject and asked to improvise, changing stories as they went along and making it up on the spot.  David enjoyed the workshop, especially improvising swimming, or being a horse when Gudrun, the workshop tutor, threw out different topics, pointing at a chair, but calling out “Floor!” and so on.  Members took turns to assume daft names, portraying different characters, including John Wayne and Davy Crockett.

The workshop was quite physical, with a lot of walking around, and good exercise.  “It was good fun,” said David.  “It was silly and funny; it was fantastic!”  he enthused, adding that he looked forward to the next workshop.  The improv also occupied the mind,” he said of the role-playing.  “We were laughing and cheering people on,” added Gloria.  “It was silly fun!”

Whilst members look forward to the next workshop, David wondered if there might also be scope to incorporate a magic workshop, as there is an element of comedy in some magic tricks and routines – such as people doing silly things whilst under hypnosis.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Gudrun, who gave her time and comedy expertise free of charge for the entertainment and benefit of Millman Street Centre members during the workshop.

Follow Gudron via her website:

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