Last week, Millman Street Centre members enjoyed a day trip to Whitstable on the North Kent coast.  Arriving at the town’s market in inclement weather, members nonetheless had a good rummage through the stalls on the look-out for bargains.  Then it was into town for fish’n’chips, before an amble through the streets to the seafront.  There, at Cushing’s View (named for the late, great Dracula actor Peter Cushing, who had made Whitstable his home) members were afforded the panoramic view across the Swale, towards the Isle of Sheppey and the WW2 sea forts on the horizon.  There were also yachts, catamarans and other seacraft to be seen on the choppy waves.

“I’m enjoying it,” said Margaret, adding that “I haven’t been for an outing for a couple of years.”  Mulageta also said he was “Enjoying myself!”

The weather brightened as members enjoyed ice creams on the seafront – generously bought by Maria and Zadie.  Then it was on to the fish market for tea, rest and a good old natter.  “I enjoyed the walk and the fresh air,” Gloria said, adding “I find it easier to breathe the air down here!” – a sentiment echoed by several members.  “There’s fresh air you can taste,” added Fred.  “It differs from London air.”

Fred and Olive also enjoyed “Dancing and jumping about,” to the jazz combo playing just along the promenade from the fish market. Olive also clearly enjoyed petting several dogs being walked by friendly owners in the town and seafront.  They, and others, said they would like to come again.  Also along the seafront was a bowling alley and a punch bag, which David and Brian enjoyed – they also had some luck on the fruit machines.  “It’s a beautiful place,” David said.  “Not as commercialised as London,” Brian added.

Zade also said that she enjoyed herself, then members got back on the coach for the journey back to the less fresh air of London.

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