Last week, Millman Street Centre members enjoyed a day-trip to The London Wetlands Centre in Barnes, something of a hidden treasure, situated beside the Thames.  They were made to feel very welcome, and Sue provided sandwiches.

It was, said David, “Fantastic and amazing!”, adding that there were “cows and ducks” and other animals to be seen.

Gloria recalled that “There were loads of birds.  We saw Highland cows, otters, and ducks.  They (the staff) fed them.”  There were Black Russian Swans, with a big nest.  “We went in a hide to view inside the nests.  We had binoculars.  You had to be quiet.  It was really interesting,” she added.

There were also lilies on the water, and a Queen Bee flying around the plants and flowers.  Amid the countryside scenery, Gloria also enjoyed the Peacock Tower.  “The weather was nice and the sun came out.”

There was also a Venus Fly-Trap, dragonflies and an exhibit called ‘Down The Plughole’.  “You had to lift up the (toilet) seat and see all the insects and bugs,” Gloria said, adding that “We had a nice day.”

Away from the creepy-crawlies, Maria also enthused: “It was wonderful!  More than buono – wonderful!  The otters were lovely, swimming around in the water.”  There were ducks and swans with their offspring.  “It was delightful; a pleasure and a delight!  You don’t expect to see something like that in London, a real pleasure to go and see!”

Like other members, Maria said she would love to go again sometime.  “For the vast expanse of the place, it was unbelievable.  Foliage was left growing long; it’s showing you nature as it is.  It was a wonderful sight to see; an unforgettable sight, really!”

She also remarked that she “didn’t see any animals squabbling – you got a real sense of respect between them.”

She added that “I love the day trips.  I’d rather go on a day trip than a long holiday.  You see something interesting; something you didn’t know was there.”

Her final comment?  “There’s no point going on a day trip with your eyes shut!”

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