Last Thursday, Mrs H and the Sing-Along Band performed a selection of songs for the benefit and entertainment of Millman Street Centre members and under 5’s from Bedford House.  This was the fourth and, unfortunately, the last of a group of intergenerational workshops. There was also larking about with a beach ball and, David recalled,  “Shaking maracas.  It was a bit of singing and dancing,” adding, “I loved it!  It was brilliant!  I hope they can come back again.”

Among the tunes, there were kids’ favourites, and Irish songs like I Tell My Ma When I Go Home, although the favourite seems to have been Pull The Chain, which was accompanied by a conga-like train through the centre.  “I never stopped laughing,” Ivy said.  “We were doing funny dances, and the kids were chasing us around.”

Helena also enjoyed it.  “I used to love dancing,” she said, adding, “I enjoy everything that goes on in the centre.”  Pam agreed.  “It was very good, very nice!”

“I loved it,” Queenie said, as did Zade.  For Mullageta, it was “Not bad.  It’s good to have more (of this sort of thing).  It helps us all to get closer.  Very nice; a good pastime!”

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