Trip To The Wallace Collection

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Millman Street Resource Centre Members recently enjoyed a trip to the Wallace Collection in Marylebone, London.  “It was good,” David (pictured above), recalled.  “There were statues, pictures and armour,” he said.

“There were paintings of every description,” enthused Maria.  “It was beautiful,” she added. “Beautiful paintings that could only come from the imagination of the artists.”  The treasure trove includes Franz Hals’ famous ‘The Laughing Cavalier‘, described as “one of the most brilliant of all Baroque portraits,” which Maria particularly liked:  “I gave him two kisses,” she said.

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There were also walls adorned with silks and tapestries, and  suits of armour.  “Its unbelievable how they kept all these pieces of armoury and protection for man and beast at that time,” Maria said.  The tour guide was “full of the history of the place,” she added.  “Able to tell us so much about the collection; a lovely young lady!”

20151027_121619 (2)

There was also a beautiful staircase and chandaliers that once belonged to Marie Antoinette.  While that lady is famed for supposedly exclaiming”Let them eat cake!”, Sue provided Millman Street Members with a very nice lunch during the jaunt.

20151027_121712 (2)

Also on display was a broadsword, David recalled, adding, “Loads of spears and tomahawks and maces (spiked balls used as weapons in the medieval period).”

20151027_135853 (2)

“I enjoyed the day out,”David said, “And seeing horses covered in armour, for jousting.”

“It was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen since coming to Millman Street Centre, Maria said. “They have a special touch.  You need to go yourself to see it.  You need a full day to see everything.”

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