Refurbishment at Millman Street Resources Centre and Gardens

Millman Street Resources Centre and gardens were recently refurbished, courtesy of Lendlease.  Their staff painted the walls and woodwork in the main centre, and built concrete steps up to the garden terrace, for the benefit of – and better access for – the members, volunteers and gardening volunteers.  The work was carried out on 27th and 28th October, to a professional standard in keeping with Lendlease’s reputation as a quality building company.  The work was organised by Lendlease’s Charlene (the bespectacled lady, pictured below).


The feedback from Millman Street members concerning the refurbishment has been positive.  Gloria said it “Made the centre look bigger.  It’s cleaner now.”  Jean agreed about the paintwork: “It’s nice and clean.”  Fred found it “Very bright and light and clean; made a big difference to the light.”  Helena said the painting was “Really nice.  It’s made a nice change.”

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Of the new garden, Gloria said it was “Good for the gardening volunteers.  They do a good job.”  Looking ahead to next spring, she said “It’ll be nice to see birds in the garden again.”  Fred also likes the new steps.  “They’re beautiful!  They (Lendlease) cleared all the rubbish out of the terrace.”

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“They’ve done a lovely job,” agreed David.  “Fantastic!  They’re the best painters.  And the steps are beautiful!”  Mulagetta, who has been poorly lately, still found time to appreciate the work.  “It’s not bad,” he said with characteristic understatement.

Holborn Community Association would like to offer its profound gratitude to Lendlease for the completion of the painting and refurbishment works carried out at Millman Street Resources Centre, and of course in the garden terrace.

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