Oasis Project Latest at Millman Street Centre

Today, the process of clearing the garden terrace at Millman Street Centre began in earnest as part of the ongoing Oasis Project.  In windy, nippy conditions gardening guru Rema, along with volunteer David, made steady progress in removing excess ivy and other foliage from the upper tiers of the terrace.  This is  necessary preparation for the ongoing plan to redevelop and cultivate the Centre’s green spaces for the benefit of Millman Street members.

There are also plans to introduce some rebars, which act as posts for pallets to form a compost bin.  Rema plans to enrich the soil with nutrients in order to grow different varieties of plants and flowers, to brighten up the garden.  These include spring bulbs, snowdrops and “other plants that can tolerate the shade.”  She also wants to grow some soft fruits, mainly blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries.

The lower portion of the garden is also due for an overhaul, with a general tidying up  underway.  Rema also intends to introduce bulbs running alongside the entrance ramp to the Centre.  To this end, Lily, one of the members, is also helping to remove old bulbs in preparation of planting the new range for next spring.  She enjoys gardening, and looks forward to the introduction of new varieties of plants and flowers to brighten up the terrace and gardens.

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