I-Pad Lessons at Millman Street Resources Centre

Millman Street Resources Centre now offers I-Pad lessons for members.  The workshops are run in conjunction with the Mary Ward Centre, and take place at Millman Street on Thirsdays from 1-3pm.

Sevilla missed the first lesson due to a hospital appointment, but during the next was shown, amongst other things, how to access her Facebook account using an I-Pad, and also how to use the camera.  In future lessons, members are to be taught more of how to use the device, including how to play games on it, which are said to keep the mind active.  “I want to be knowledgeable and to learn,” said Sevilla.  “Everything now is hi-tech and you have to be tuned into it,” she added.  “I want to keep my mental facilities intact.”  Learning how to use an I-Pad is one way of achieving this aim, and she already has a tablet.

Helena also liked the lesson, while Sue was not so keen.  “I couldn’t follow it,” she said, “It was too complicated.”  This is due to her epilepsy, which limits her ability to interact with some technologies.

Sevilla has learnt the basics and would like to “find out what all the symbols and icons mean.”  She also wants to use more apps.  Like other members, she also likes to play Scrabble and partake in other activities at the Centre.  She “tries not to miss a thing,” as long as she can fit activities in around her home help, hospital appointments and other day-to-day activities.

George has also attended the I-Pad lessons.  He says he is struggling with it, but of course it is early days.  As an engineer, he used to make the transistors used in the earliest computers and reflects on how much computer technology has changed in the interim.  George also designed the first railway ticketing machine and made other prototypes during his career.

He has always had a passion for making things and he loves to read technical manuals.  He is currently interested in digital 3D cameras; he has designed and made his own “stereo” 3D cameras for years.  “It’s easy,” he told this reporter, who remains astonished that anyone could build a camera from scratch, let alone a stereoscopic one.  And yet George finds the prospect of constructing a digital 3D camera more of a challenge, if only due to not being able to get hold of the requisite parts.  But who knows?  Once he gets the hang of using an I-Pad…


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