Carol Service at St George The Martyr Church

Today, Millman Street members attended a Christmas carol service at St George The Martyr church, and then went to a local school to talk to the children. “It was good,” said David.  “It was chock-a-block!  The carols were all good.  Then we went to the school, did a bit of drawing with the kids, and told them all about the jobs we used to do.  It was fantastic.  We all enjoyed it and watched a film of the carol service from this morning, and took a group photo with the kids.”

Mulegetta enjoyed it, too.  “I like all sorts of carols,” he said.  Ada “Loves it when there’s loads and loads of kids.  It takes you back to when you were little.”  Her children were christened in the church, and her daughter was married there.  “It was quite an experience,” she said.  “I felt like I was in charge of the school!  We sat back and watched the kids drawing.”

IMG_0588 (2)

Ada added that it’s “nice to give happiness to elderly people.”  Queenie enjoyed it, too: “Lovely – all the kids and the singing.  I love it!”

Pam also found the carol service “very good.”  As a former teacher (she studied history at university) you’d think she’d have had enough of the little blighters during her career, but she also  enjoyed the kids.

Margaret “enjoyed the whole thing.  It was very enjoyable.”  She tries to get back to Ireland once a year, where her parents still live.

Ivy said, “It was really good at St George the Martyr,” where she got married in 1954.  “It was packed to suffocation; I haven’t seen it so packed for a long, long time.”   She also lavished praise on John, the vicar she has known for years.  “He’s always laughing and talks to everybody,” she says.  Everybody likes him.  Lovely man.”

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