Festive Lunch at Millman Street Resources Centre

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The Festive Season got underway  at Millman Street Centre yesterday,  when members enjoyed a Christmas Lunch.  TNS paid for a roast dinner, put up Christmas decorations and brought a Christmas tree, which they also installed.  The event was organised by Katherine from VCC and Jacqueline from TNS.

Fred and sister Olive, who are vegetarians, were of course provided with a vegetarian alternative.   “It was very good,” Fred said.  “Excellent.  There was no charge.  There was a good old sing-song,” he continued, “with Christmas carols, and a good old general chat.”

“It was alright,” Olive said.  “We had enough to eat and drink.”  Fred said, “It’s a pretty tree this year,” adding that they had had “a nice sponge for pudding,” and a drop of wine.

Although Helena felt a little poorly today, this reporter is assured that there was no bacchanalian excess.  Her 95th birthday was also celebrated, with birthday cake shared around amongst members.

Ken said “The colours of the decorations are good.  All the tables were decorated with nice pink tablecloths.  They (TNS staff) acted as waiters and waitresses to serve the food and drink to members.  Everything was good!”

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He also enjoyed the food.  “The beef was excellent,” he said, adding that he’d also had a couple of glasses of red wine.  He also enjoyed the carol singing.  “It’s nice and Christmassy now,” he said of the decorations.  “I’d like to thank them (TNS) who put the money up.  It was very nice of them.”

Sevilla said, “It was nice.  I think everybody enjoyed it.  It was a nice atmosphere.  We met the volunteers.  They did all the decorations, and put them up quickly.”  She admits to being surprised at the swiftness of the change since her last visit to the centre.  “I came in and thought: ‘what’s all this hoo-ha?'”

Pam said of the festive lunch: “It was lovely, very good.  All very well done.  This is a great place; we’re very fortunate to have such a pleasant place to come to.  The staff are very helpful.”

Edward couldn’t come due to feeling poorly, but said “the decorations are very nice; a very good effort.” George said it was “the biggest lunch I’ve had for a year!”

For Ivy, the students and volunteers were “a lovely team and had a good old laugh, singing and dancing and everything.  It’s nice when it’s like that.  I always enjoy it down here.  I hope Millman Street Centre stays open forever!”

Aside from the aforementioned Katherine and Jacqueline, Holborn Community Association would like to thank Rose and Ruma for cooking the festive lunch at Millman Street Centre.


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