Volunteers’ Evening at Millman Street Resources Centre


Volunteers await drunken debauchery (not pictured).

Last Thursday evening (10th December), Millman Street Resources Centre held an evening to thank the various volunteers who help out at HCA throughout the year.  Volunteers enjoyed food and drink, with music courtesy of Ken’s iPod, providing No.1 hits of yesteryear.

There was also a Certificate Award Ceremony.  In 2014, a large legal firm called Carpmael & Ransford (C&R) were looking to do something for the local community, and got involved in the Maths Booster Club.  “Camden Council are giving awards for exceptional charity work in the community,” said Hanif.  “They have nominated Carpmael & Ransford for the Certificate Award.”

Hanif had set up the Maths Booster Club.  “We used the library,” he said.  “Every week there are two classes.  ”  Initially, it was once a week, and now runs twice weekly for local primary school kids.  Also targeted are people who need help with IT skills.  “People from all communities and religions,” Hanif added.  “Classes are open to all.”

“We are continuing to work with local partners,” Hanif continued, “Such as Holborn Mosque and St George’s Church.  We organised multi-faith get-togethers every month or so; the mosque and church take turns to host dinners, and so on.”

Hanif’s ultimate aim is to get local faith groups working together to support the local community.  “A grass-roots level of involvement for local people and faith communities,” he said.

The Certificate Award was presented to Carpmael & Ransford’s Jenny Cox – to her evident surprise – by Holborn Community Association’s CEO Lucas Lehmann.  He read a letter from Camden Council thanking C & R for their charitable endeavours.  “When it comes to our volunteers,” he said during an eloquent yet mercifully brief speech (Oscar winners please take note) “It’s extremely difficult to to set one above another.  But we put Carpmael & Ransford forward to Camden for this award.”

Lucas also thanked all of HCA’s volunteers for their contribution during the year, before letting everyone get back to the food, drink and music.


Carpmael & Ransford’s Jenny Cox receiving the Award Certificate from Lucas Lehmann, CEO of Holborn Community Association

Also sighted at the Volunteers’ Evening was one S. Claus Esq (see slideshow).  Clearly not one for complacency despite years of practice, he was seen honing his present-giving skills a couple of weeks early as he dispensed gifts to HCA’s volunteers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The evening may well have descended into drunken debauchery for all this reporter knows.  But in the best tradition of tabloid hacks, before any such excesses occurred, he made his excuses and left.

Report by Notes Smudger

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