Christmas Party at Millman Street Centre

rejectsYesterday, Millman Street Resources Centre members enjoyed the annual Christmas Party.  Aside from Christmas lunch, there was also singing and dancing to festive songs, provided by Ronnie Scott’s Rejects.  Fred said: “I had a good time; good lunch; good singing and a bit of dancing.”  He and Olive then enjoyed a nice walk in the evening afterwards.

Helena also enjoyed herself.  “It was very good,” she said.  “Nicely laid out; very nice lunch indeed.”  She also had a bit of a dance.

Sadly, Janice’s medical condition prevented her from dancing, but she liked to dance in her youth.  “Everything here is well organised and pleasant,” she said.  Her husband also joined her for the Christmas lunch.

Gloria had just come out of hospital, so unfortunately missed the party.   Pam was able to attend, and enjoyed a dance.  “It was excellent,” she said.  “We’re well looked after and so lucky.” She also enjoyed a nice meal.  “The food was very good.  We’re extremely fortunate.”

Queenie said: “It was lovely!  I enjoyed it; had a dance and a sing-a-long.  Lunch was also lovely.”

Ivy thought the party was, “Fantastic!  I always enjoy it here [at the Centre].  She also enjoyed a dance and a sing-a-long.  “It was very nice.  The whole of Christmas here, it’s been one of the best we’ve ever had.  Really, really nice.  Even Edna was happy.” – Edna has recently been poorly.  “I really enjoyed it; thought it was really great.  If you’re a miserable old goat, you’ll be miserable, ” she said.  “So it’s what you make it!  It’s better than sitting indoors, looking at four walls.”

Quite so.  George was also poorly, so couldn’t join in with the singing and dancing.  “I didn’t feel too good; I’ve got a cold and it spoils everything.”

Joan, who was also unable to join in with the dancing due to curvature of the spine, enjoyed herself nonetheless.  “It was excellent,” she said.  She enjoyed a sing-song.  “It was a very good afternoon; lunch was excellent, very good.  A wonderful afternoon!”

Ronnie Scott’s Rejects (not to be confused with Oi! group the Cockney Rejects) appeared courtesy of Clod Ensemble, and seem to have been a popular choice.  Tom “Enjoyed the music,” despite being unable to sing and dance after a recent bout of flu.  “It was nice and traditional, festive.”

At the lunch, “the service wasn’t very good,” he joked.  Actually, it was “very good.”

Like many other members, Janice praised the culinary staff: “When you think how many people they cook for, the food here is very nice without being too complicated, and you’re not forced to eat anything you don’t want to.”

Joan also appreciates the efforts of the kitchen staff.  “They do us proud,” she said.  “I just hope this place keeps going.  A lot of them [community centres] have closed down.  Funding cuts.  It’s so important for a lot of people here.”


Report by Notes Smudger


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