Looking Forward to the New Year at Millman Street Resources Centre

Millman Street Resources Centre members share their post-Christmas thoughts and hopes for 2016, and tell this reporter about the film they were shown yesterday (29th December).

The movie in question was Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 classic Rope.  The film was apparently inspired by a true story, and famously shot in ten minute takes.  Ivy thought, “It was quite good,” and had seen it before, but she “didn’t think it was for everyone.”

Helena hadn’t seen it before, but, “I enjoyed it; it was quite good.”  Mulagetta also saw it for the first time and thought it was “not bad.”

Fred recalled the days when the screenings of films were spoiled by cigarette smoke in the cinema, which was legal at the time.  He gave an impressively detailed synopsis of the plot of Rope.  “The professor [James Stewart] taught the two boys [Farley Granger and John Dall] who thought they could commit the perfect murder.  They strangled their victim and put him in a big box,” is but a succinct example.

Fred said, “It was a good film.  Well-acted and well-spoken, too.”  Margaret Leahy said, “It was very good.  Full of action.  Very entertaining.  Colourful and very active.”

Joan also “Quite enjoyed,” Rope and hadn’t seen it before.

During the festive season, Fred and Olive, “Had a quiet Christmas, and went for a few strolls.”  For Helena, Christmas was, “Very nice; quiet.  Just me and the cat.  But quite nice.”  She was also in touch with her nieces.

David went to Crisis over Christmas.  “We had a Christmas party there; there was dancing and singing.  A big band came in to play a few songs.”  Mulagetta “Enjoyed Christmas,” but didn’t do anything special.

Margaret said, “Santa Claus came to me.  I wasn’t expecting him, given my age.  He brought me a grandfather clock, and a stocking of small toys.”  She “Had a very nice time [with family].  We ate the sweet loaf and food cakes and all enjoyed it.”  She also had roast turkey, with all the trimmings.

Joan was still enthusing about the Christmas party at the centre.  “It was excellent.  I enjoyed it; joined in the sing-song along with the band [Ronnie Scott’s Rejects].  That was very, very good.  The clarinet player saw me home afterwards.  He was very kind.”

George said that his Christmas was spoiled.  “I caught some kind of bug, which ruined the whole thing.” He’s (almost) OK now, though.

As for the New Year, Margaret Leahy is, “Looking forward to it,” and her resolution is, “To be as good to my daughter as possible.”

Fred and Olive intend to watch the New Year fireworks “from our window,” as it apparently now costs £10 to go to the London Eye on the South Bank and, Fred says, “All the pick-pockets will be there.”

Helena’s hopes for the new Year?  “I’ll just wait and see and hope for the best.”  Mulagetta doesn’t really bother with New Year resolutions, and will be at home.

George doesn’t go in for New Year resolutions, but hopes 2016 is “better than the last one.”

Joan is also looking forward to 2016.  “Touch wood,” she said.

David will be “Going to see my friend; she owns a pub!”  His resolution?   “To give up getting sick,” he jokes.


From all the members, staff and volunteers at Holborn Community Alliance, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2016.

Report by Notes Smudger

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