Dixie Ticklers: Jazz Gig at Millman Street Centre

On Monday (1st February), Millman Street Resource Centre members were entertained by jazz ensemble The Dixie Ticklers.  The group perform a variety of material; their set usually comprises some of their own compositions, mixed with jazz standards such as The Sunny Side of the Street, Sweet Georgia Brown and Mood Indigo, the latter two also to be found on their CD Live In London.


David enjoyed the concert. “It was good; fantastic!,” he said.  Mulegetta wasn’t so enthused: though a jazz fan, he thought the gig was “so-so”, while Queenie, “Liked it.  It was lovely!”  She added that, if not for her health, she “could have got up and danced.”  She also advised this reporter,  in a possibly jazz club-influenced, side-of-mouth style,  that “You mustn’t let ’em see how old you are!”


“It was very good; I enjoyed it,” agreed Pam.  She likes jazz and her son is a musician [a harpist with the Philharmonia Orchaestra] who also plays jazz.

Margaret also enjoyed The Dixie Ticklers.  “There was a trumpet, clarinet, double bass and guitar,” she said.  “I thought it was lovely!  They added another player [since she’d last seen them perform at Millman Street], and he couldn’t half play the clarinet!  They were all good.”

Joan – another jazz afficionado – said, “I enjoyed it very much.  I enjoy most of the events they have here [at the Centre].  They’re very kind here!”  Quite right, too.

The gig was but the latest musical entertainment performance at the Resource Centre.  Holborn Community Association would like to thank The Dixie Ticklers and Clod Ensemble for organising the event for the benefit of Millman Street Centre members.

Report by Notes Smudger

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