Trip to the Royal Opera House


The stage is set for La Traviata

Last Saturday (6th February),  Millman Street Resource Centre members enjoyed a trip to the Royal Opera House (ROH) for a performance of Verdi’s La Traviata.  Before the event began, the ROH also provided members with complimentary food, including smoked salmon sandwiches (with dill and lemon, no less) and coffee.

La Traviata is amongst Guiseppe Verdi’s most enduring operas.  This latest adaptation is directed by Richard Eyre, and stars Venera Gimadieva as Violetta Valery, Andrea Hill as Flora Bervoix and Jeremy White as Marquis D’Obigny.

Helena, something of an opera buff, enjoyed the performance immensely.  A little giddy due to being seated right up in ‘the gods’, she explained that, “It was very frightening, but very nice,” she said.  “Lovely, beautiful music.”

“It was packed; full of people,” she added.  La Traviata is one of her favourite operas; Verdi – along with Puccini – amongst her favourite composers.  The performance was “Beautifully done,” she said.  “They all did very well.  Extremely well!”


Courtesy of Royal Opera House…

Ivy also loves opera, but unfortunately was unable to attend on this occasion.  Pam had been to the Royal Opera House before  (“It’s lovely,” she declared)  and was this time accompanied by her son (a harpist with the Philharmonia Orchaestra).  Although “Not a particular (opera) enthusiast,” she nonetheless “Very much enjoyed it.”


Helena and Steve at La Traviata

The audience gave a standing ovation for around ten minutes at the conclusion of the performance.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank the Royal Opera House for providing Millman Street Resource Centre members with complimentary tickets to witness this performance of La Traviata.

Report by Notes Smudger

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