Poety Reading at Millman Street Centre

Last Monday (15th February), Millman Street members experienced a poetry workshop at the Resource Centre.  Hosted by Marivi, she and four volunteers from Kings College gave a talk and recited some poems, in Portugese, Spanish and Russian as well as in English.

Olga read Ogden Nash’s poem Isabel, the story of the eponymous heroine’s adventures after encountering a bear – and cared not that the ursine beast was ravenous.

Ogden Nash

Ogden Nash

A Kazakhstani volunteer unwittingly sparked controversy after reading an Alexander Pushkin poem.  After stating that Pushkin was Russian, Mulegetta countered that he was, actually born in Ethiopia, then moved to Russia aged six.  However, this has long been disputed, with Eritrea also claiming Pushkin as a famous son.  Whatever the truth, it goes to show that poets and poetry continues to spark passionate debate – and that Mulegetta’s mind remains as sharp as a tack.



Alexander Pushkin: Russian, Ethiopian, Eritrean…?

The volunteers also played guitar, improvised singing and rapping, and instigated a kind of ‘missing words’ game, asking members to complete sentences, lyrics and poems.

Ivy had always liked poetry and acting at school, and recited Walt Whitman’s Oh, Captain! My Captain! word perfect to the volunteers.

Most of the members enjoyed the wordplay and recitals, finding the workshop interesting.  “People really enjoyed it,” Richard said, adding that the volunteers were confident, good fun and full of energy..  “Hopefully, they will return,” he said.

Holborn Community Alliance would like to thank Marivi and the Kings College volunteers for their time.  We hope to see them again soon.

Report By Notes Smudger

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