Any Key In The UK: Mrs H & Singalong Band Gig


Last Thursday (March 10th) saw another performance at Millman Street Community Centre by Mrs H and the Singalong Band.  The entertainment was provided for our members, plus local children and their parents.  Amongst the repertoire were Frere Jacques, The Good Ship Lollipop and the ever-popular Train Song.

“It was lovely, with the children,” Ivy said.  We had all the children singing and playing about.  We had little dances and the train thing again [the conga-like dance that usually accompanies the Train Song].”

Bettina attended, but sadly couldn’t remember much about the event by the time she was collared by this reporter.  In contrast, Helena recalled: “It was good fun; families and children and childrens’ entertainers singing all sorts of different songs.”

Joan said, “It was very good.  It was really nice with the kids, and they seemed to mix more.  They held up discs to do with dolphins,” she continued.

“It was nice to see everybody joining in, ” Helena said, “Really lovely!”

Ivy hopes Ms H will perform again soon.  She’s in luck, as they are due to play both on Thursdays 17th and 24th March before a three-week easter break.

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As ever, Holborn Community Association would like to thank our friends Mrs H and the Singalong band for providing great entertainment for our members.

Mrs H and the Singalong band can be contacted at:

Report by Notes Smudger


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