Oasis Project: Spring Special Update


Fritillaria Meleagris Alba blooms at last

Millman Street Community Centre’s ongoing gardening workshop is showing green shoots of recovery after the bitter winter.  That said, it was still brass monkey weather when this reporter was given access to the latest developments.

Battling heroically against the elements, Rema, along with Fred and Lilly and volunteer David, began preparing a seeding regimen and orchestrated a general tidy-up of the garden and terrace.

Among other activities which are, frankly a bewildering mystery to this horticultural ignoramus, they re-potted a mature tree, assessed options for gooseberry and blackcurrant plants, and embarked on digging over some of the soil on the terrace.

“Fred and Lilly have been brilliant,” Rema enthused, and was especially complimentary about Fred’s breaking up of compost (frozen during the inclement weather), which is a vital part of preparation to accelerate the composting process; mature compost being good for mature plants.

Rema was also pleased to see that the Fritillaria (Frittillaria Meleagris Alba) had bloomed (see photo above).  Below are a selection of snaps (bitter cold not shown).



Fred Composting


Lily grins and bears the chill wind



Volunteer David fights off a Day of the Triffids- style attack from an arboreal fiend


Volunteer David and camera-shy Rema


Caught: Rema attempts to flee the camera’s scrutiny


Report by Notes Smudger

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