Members Attend Easter Service at St George’s Church


Last Monday (21st March) some Millman Street Community Centre members attended an Easter Service at St George’s Church in Queen Square.  The vicar, Reverend John Valentine, conducted the service, retelling the story of Jesus’ resurrection after the crucifixion.  Hymns were sung, including Ours Is The Kingdom.  Other hymns were performed in a more modern style, not always to the taste of all of our members.

“They mucked about with the tunes,” said Ivy.  “They jazzed up the 23rd Psalm.  It was in a more boogie-woogie style.  It’s uncalled for,” she added, though not altogether seriously.

Notwithstanding this clash of modern versus traditional musical styles, our members sang along and enjoyed the overall experience.  “I enjoyed it,” Helena confirmed.  “It was very nice; they are nice people there.”

Ivy agreed.  “I always enjoy it there.  “There was lovely food afterwards,” she added.  “Scones, apple pies and a good variety in the sandwiches.  As much as you like,” she said.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank our friends at St George’s Church for the Easter Service and the food afterwards, which was free of charge to our members.

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