Harpist Hugh Webb at Millman Street Community Centre

Yesterday (March 29th), Millman Street Community Centre members were treated to a performance by the Royal Philharmonia Orchestra’s harpist, Hugh Webb.  The son of our very own Pam, Hugh performed absolutely free of charge at the centre.


Members enjoy Hugh Webb’s Harp recital

“He was very, very good,” said Ivy.  “He played opera, and we had a little sing-along afterwards.”  She added that Hugh is a “really, really nice fella.”  She was moved to recall a performance she’d witnessed many years ago, by  children from a nearby school for the blind.  Hugh’s recital reminded her of that “serene music.”

“It was lovely, very good,” Helena said.  “I love the harp.  It was lovely; beautifully played.  It’s a lovely, lovely instrument.”

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Fred was also impressed.  “It was very good.  I watched the action of his feet: different angles, and the different sounds they produced.  He played a bit of classical music – stuff I’ve never heard of – but he explained it as he went along.”

Olive also enjoyed the performance.  “She knew some of the classical music,” Fred told this reporter.  “She still listens to classical [vinyl] records.”

Queenie thought, “It was wonderful!” and seemed amazed that her long-time fellow member Pam is Hugh’s mum.  “It was lovely!”

Hugh began playing instruments aged 10 or so.  “He started out on a flute you could put in your pocket,” Pam recalled, adding that he used to go busking with the harp.  “A beautiful instrument.  He wheeled it everywhere.”

Hugh didn’t attend a musical college, Pam confided; aside from a musical tutor when he was young, he is self-taught.  “I very much enjoy his playing,” said the proud mum.  All the members agreed, it seems.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Hugh for demonstrating his expertise, and giving his time, free of charge for our members.

Photos by Sarah and Steve; Report by Notes Smudger



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