Mary Ward Centre Players Concert

Last Thursday (March 24th) Millman Street Community Centre members were treated to a concert by the Mary Ward Centre players, one of several gigs of a Thursday, though this reporter understands that in the near future, such performances will be moved to Saturdays: watch this space for details.

As for this latest concert, Easter was the theme, with the Players singing Easter Parade, whilst as ever, dressed in period costume.  Norman, this reporter was informed, was resplendent in his Pearly King garb. Other songs were those made famous by music hall stalwart Nellie Wallace.

Mary Ward Centre Players-1

“It was good,” Ivy said.  “They did some nice songs.  We were all singing along with ’em.”

“It was lovely,” Helena agreed.  “I always enjoy that.”

Fred said: “It was very good; Easter Parade and all Easter songs.  They [the Players] got a new lady in.  She was a nice singer, with a nice voice,” he added.  He also praised Norman, who was “very good on stage; all the old fancy clothes of the period.  He’s a real quick-change artist.”

Ivy also “Won a great big box of chocolates” in the raffle, which where shared with the kids from the nursery who came into the centre in the afternoon after the concert to celebrate Easter with our members.

Mary Ward Centre Players-2

As ever, Holborn Community Association would like to thank our friends at the Mary Ward Centre for performing for our members.

The Mary Ward Centre Players can be contacted via

Report by Notes Smudger

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