The Seeding: Oasis Project Update

Today, as part of HCA’s ongoing Oasis Project at Millman Street Community Centre, Rema and her dedicated gardening volunteers braved rain showers and a bitter East wind to sow some seeds in the Millman Street garden.  The aforesaid seeds were: sunflowers, Red Campion, Selfheal and White Clover.  There was also labelling of the various pots, the better to know what will bloom where once nature deems the time to be right. Elsewhere in the garden, lillies and other flowers are coming up on schedule.

There are also plans for a good old clear-out.  “The big push is planting next Wednesday,” Rema said.  She plans to order the requisite seeds and plants.

Today, Rema was ably assisted by Fred, Lilly and new volunteer Jim, the brother of our very own Art Tutor Carmen.  “I’ve done gardening before,” he said, “I used to do Spitalfields Farm Show.  It’ll be good to get back into it,” he added.

“I’ve really enjoyed it today,” he enthused afterwards, and looks forward to future work on the project. In time, he hopes to grow tomatoes and cucumbers, and maybe some fruit.  “We’ve got art in the family, and also acting,” he said of Carmen and their brother.  “I used to do plays at schools and community centres,” and he would like to do more acting at some point.  But for the moment, he seems happy enough in the Millman Street garden. 

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Photos by Louise; report by Notes Smudger


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