When Music Is Beautiful, I’m All For It: Severed Limb Gig at HCA

Last Monday (4th April) Holborn Community Centre members were treated to a concert by skiffle band Severed Limb.  They performed skiffle standards, such as My Old Man’s A Dustman and also numbers by Elvis, some country and western, and even a couple of Russian songs.

“It was very good,” said Helena.  She likes skiffle, and “loves opera, too.  And musical comedy; nice music.”  She also looks forward to when the Royal Opera House singers commence their All Together Opera workshops at Millman Street Centre (from 15th April), and says she’ll, “Have a go.”

Ivy thought that Severed Limb were “A nice crowd; always happy,” adding that she “Sat and talked to one of ’em for ages,” afterwards.  She also noted that the double bass player “Goes beserk on it,” adding that the members, “All loved it and thought  it was great!”

However, George was not so impressed: “Every tune sounded the same to me,” he said.  He prefers country music.  In contrast, Mulegetta said, with his characteristic understatement, “They were not bad,” and went on to say, “I like music very much.  When music is beautiful, I am all for it!”

“It was good,” said Fred.  He and Olive both prefer classical, but, “It was OK, though.  They were quite good at it.”

David thought Severed Limb were, “Fantastic; amazing.  Lovely songs,” he enthused.  “The drummer was good,” he said; “The piano player was fantastic.  We had a good laugh afterwards, too.  It was brilliant!”

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Holborn Community Association would like to thank Severed Limb for performing for our members.  They appear in conjunction with our friends at CLOD Ensemble.

Severed Limb can be contacted via: http://www.theseveredlimb.co.uk

CLOD Ensemble can be contacted at: http://www.clodensemble.com

Photos courtesy of Steve and Louise; Report by Notes Smudger

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