St George the Martyr’s School Pupils Raise £50 for HCA

st georges 13-4

The moment of donation: Queenie receives the cheque.

This morning, Holborn Community Centre members were treated to an assembly, with singing and dancing, by pupils from St George the Martyr’s School at St Georges’s Church.  The children also raised £50 for HCA and presented the cheque to Queenie (as seen above).  This reporter is reliably informed that she didn’t get far with the moolah (although reports that she had to be rugby tacked to retrieve it are unconfirmed).  Sue will of course ensure that the contribution finds its way into HCA funds.

As for the assembly, “It was fantastic,” David said.  “The kids sang songs, including one they wrote themselves.  It was very good.  There was a good crowd, lots of mums and families there.  We went to their school afterwards, and did a bit of drawing with the kids.”

“It was very good,” said Pam, who also enjoyed the show.  As did Queenie: “It was lovely,” she said.  “All the kids thought they were grown-up cos they were in grown-up company.  Lovely.  I enjoyed it.”

Anne: “I enjoyed it; everything the children  dem.”   She also liked the songs.  “They sing and we dance to the pretty music.”

“It was lovely,” Helena said.  “The kids were well looked after and well-loved.  They enjoyed singing and dancing and jumping about.  It was good fun!”

Margaret said: “We joined in and learned a game they were playing.”  Although she doesn’t know the name of said game, she laughed that, “the little boy was cheating and throwing the dice.  They were nice little kids,” she added.  Of the drawings the kids did, she recalled that, “One was a green giant,” and the other, the boy explained, was a ghost. Gory little blighter!

Our members thoroughly enjoyed the assembly, and HCA would like to thank both St George the Martyr’s School and St George’s Church for the entertainment.

Report by Notes Smudger

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