Vitamin D at Last! Millman Street Basks in Spring Sunshine


Vitamin D!


Today, Millman Street Centre members were afforded a rare glimpse of sunshine, and took the opportunity to enjoy the garden whilst Rema and volunteers Lilly, Fred, Sam, Jim and James worked on the Oasis Project, replanting and deciding where best to place various plants and flowers, either in the lower garden, or up on the terrace.  And following on from last Wednesday’s report, Rema sent Holborn Community Centre her own write-up:

When the rain stopped we had a look around the patio in an effort to determine how many plants we need to buy next week (12.06), to give the patio area a face lift.  Fred suggested a colour scheme of red white and blue: blue is best for bees and a host of other insects – which bring the birds in.  Lily favours sun colours, so we are aiming for a kaleidoscope effect.
Lily and I will make a trip to Glebe Nusery and The Clockhouse Nursery next Tuesday, April 12th, to buy plants.

I have also ordered seeds for further sowing.

We took a look at the seeds in the propagator: compared to the same seeds in the small greenhouse outside, the sweet peas’ germination was poor and of the seeds that did sprout, we have only 5 aetiolated specimens.  The marigolds and beans had nothing to show for themselves.  From this we concluded that the covers for the propagators, have become somewhat opaque with age and are therefore hindering propagation and frustrating the hoped for acceleration/surety that bottom heat – provided by the electrically warmed propagator base – normally offers.  We probably won’t use the propagator again until I (Rima) buy new transparent tops for the seed trays that fit in the propagator.

Outside, in the little shelving greehouse, there were more signs of vigour – though we are still waiting on the beans to show.

And finally, we spotted a Jay in the garden at around 3:20pm, on its own, and flitting about attracted by the grease balls in the trees.

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Photos by Sarah; report by Rema/Notes Smudger

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