All Together Opera at Miilman Street Centre


Rebecca from the Royal Opera House singers

Last Friday (15th April) saw the first of a series of six All Together Opera workshops at Millman Street Community Centre, by singers from the Royal Opera House (ROH).  Our members joined in with a selection of tunes, including an African language song, and a sea shanty.  The ROH’s Rebecca led the singing, accompanied by a pianist.   Also in attendance was Norman, who performs play readings at HCA on Fridays.

Fred and Olive enjoyed the workshop.  “It was good,” Fred said.  “She (Rebecca) tried to teach us a French song, La Vie En Rose, and a Laplander’s song to the reindeer.”  Norman sang the former in French, “And we sang the English version.”  Maria also sang along to Verdi’s La Traviata in her native Italian.

There were also “breathing exercises and warming up before you sang, and breathing deep,” Fred said.  “We had a good go, as best we could.”  Olive also sang a bit now and then.  “It’s good for Olive to sing,” Fred confirmed, and looks forward to the next workshop this Friday (22nd April at 1:15pm).  “They were good teachers,” he said.

David thought so, too.  “It was good, fantastic,” he said.  “The French song was good,” he added.  Unfortunately, his enjoyment was cut short, as he had to return home in order to take his medicine.  But he hopes to attend this Friday.  “This time I’ll bring me medicine with me!”

You can’t please everyone, however.  For George, “It was a waste of time for me.  I’m tone deaf, and can’t tell one note from another!”

In contrast, Helena – an opera buff – enjoyed the workshop.  “It was very good; excellent,” she enthused.

The All Together Opera workshops continue at Miilman Street for another five weeks.  The final workshop is on Friday, 20th May, to be followed by a Tea Party, with members of ROH, and some volunteers from Price-Waterhouse-Cooper.

HCA would like to thank The Royal Opera House singers for holding the All Together Opera workshops free of charge for our members.

For further information on the Royal Opera House, please contact:

Report by Notes Smudger

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