Kermodian Rant: Suffragette at Warner Bros Cinema

Last monday (25th April), Millman Street Community Centre members enjoyed Suffragette, the latest film to be shown free of charge by our friends at the Warner Brothers Cinema in Theobald’s Road.  I say ‘enjoyed’, but, shockingly, there was a note of dissent, as you will see below.


Maud Watts [Carey Mulligan] falls foul of the bobbies for failing to wear a straw hat in the Edwardian era.

The film stars Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst, Helena Bonham-Carter as Edith New, Carey Mulligan as Maud Watts and Ben Wishaw as Sonny Watts.  Directed by Sarah Gavron, Suffragette was scripted by Abi Morgan, whose credits include The Iron Lady film, and excellent recent TV dramas such as The Hour and River.  The background to the movie is of course the struggle for womens’ votes, but it would be just not right to give away exactly what happens in this film’s plot (and nothing to do with the fact that this reporter hasn’t seen the film yet).

Ivy enjoyed the movie.  “It was about votes for women, and Emmeline Pankhurst,” she said.  “It was much more in depth,” she added, meaning in comparison with previous Suffrage-based films.  This film had “Very good acting,” she insisted.

“It was nice,” Anne said.  “I enjoy everything I go to [at Warner Brothers Cinema].”

“It was brilliant!” Margaret enthused.  “It was really great!  Some parts of it were sad, but it was really lovely.  One of the nicest I’ve ever seen!”  She and the other Millman Street members, “Had nice seats, too,” she added.  Of the story, she said: “It was right back in 1915.  And what they went through to get womens’ rights!  They went to prison for it and she [Maud Adams] lost her son.”

Of the actors, Margaret was particularly taken by Helena Bonham-Carter: “She took a good part, but was a doctor in it,” and Carey Mulligan:  “She was good.  She made a speech about womens’ rights; she went and spoke up for them!”

Helena thought Suffragette was a “Very good film, and was well done.”  However, in what amounted to a coruscating Kermodian rant, she “didn’t like it very much. Not my style.”

Not her style!  Once word of such an outburst filters back to Hollywood, one shudders to think of the implications for the future of filmed entertainment.

As for our friends at Warner Brothers Cinema, Holborn Community Association would, as ever, like to thank them for allowing our members to see Suffragette free of charge.

In no way tongue in cheek, this report by Notes Smudger.

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