Sing-a-Long at Millman Street Community Centre


Heather (right, at lectern) leads members in sing-a-long

Yesterday, 26th April, Millman Street members were treated to another singing workshop by Heather and Norman from the Mary Ward Centre Players.  Amongst several new faces was singer Heather, accompanied by her boyfriend on the piano.  They led a sing-a-long of Edelweiss, and Que Sera Sera which our members enthusiastically joined in with.  Norman also sang La Vie En Rose, first in French, then in English.  Member (“King”) Kanute also sang an impressive solo.

Ivy said of Heather: “She was a lovely girl,” adding that her boyfriend was a “Really good pianist.  There’s so many different songs she’s been teaching us; it makes it so interesting.”

For Helena, it was “Good.  We sang along as well.  It was very nice, I enjoyed that.”

Fred recalled they also sang, “We’ll Meet Again.  We all joined in the sing-a-long.  We had a good laugh.  Then the hailstones came down [outside].  It was good company.”  Olive also enjoyed herself, he said, “and did a little bit of singing.”


King Kanute (standing, centre) prepares to sing impressively

Photos by Sarah; report by Notes Smudger

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