All Together Opera: Penultimate Workshop at Millman Street


Ashley reprises his role at the much-maligned HCA piano, which – it is rumoured – is haunted by the ghost of Les Dawson

Last Friday (May 13th) saw the penultimate All Together Opera workshop at Millman Street Community Centre by members of the Royal Opera House.  As well as Rebecca, and Ashley again at the fabled Millman Street piano, the ROH contingent also included Charlotte, who was much praised by our members.

“They brought her in specially,” said Ivy.  She went on to say that our members, “Were all crying.  Her voice was fantastic! She’s one of the top opera singers.  What a voice!”

Helena, who has previously been to Covent Garden to see opera performances, and numbers Puccini and Verdi’s works amongst her favourites, recalled: “It was lovely,” adding, “Lovely, beautiful singer!  Lovely voice!” .

Edna said: “It was very good, adding that she (and perhaps others) were nearly crying (with joy, it should be said) after the performance.  “Beautiful!” Edna exclaimed, as only Edna can.

“It was very good,” Fred said.  Members sang along to My Ship and, Fred said, “A song about a mermaid – a beautiful song!”

There was also Shosholoza, and other songs that members have been learning during the workshops.  “She explained how to pull in your breath and hold it in,” Fred explained.  “We had a good time with the opera crew,” he added.

As for Charlotte, Ivy told her: “Your voice is a gift from God!”

This Friday (20th May) marks the grand finale of the All Together Opera sessions at Millman Street Community Centre.  HCA would like to thank the Royal Opera House for lending us their wonderful singers and pianist for the past few weeks.  The workshops have been greatly enjoyed by our members, and HCA hopes that the ROH will perform here for them in the future.

Report by Notes Smudger

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