Full (Bird) House! Bird Bingo at Millman Street Centre


Feathered beast at large in the skies over Britain: needlessly dramatic caption of great tit

Tuesdays at Millman Street Community Centre  are now a-rocking to the sound of robins – and sparrows, jays and assorted tits (no, not that kind).  It is the new Birdwatching workshop which our members are enjoying.

Hosted by Alice, the workshops feature games conjured from avian-related songs (A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, Bird of Paradise etc but not, thankfully, The Birdie Song).  Last week, there was also “Bird Bingo” (won by Edna & Steve), followed by colouring in of bird shapes of feathered beasts that can be seen at the Millman Street Centre garden.

A CD of British birdsong was also used for a quiz, in which our members listened to various warblings and identified the relevant bird.

The Birdwatching workshops are on Tuesdays from 1:30pm to 3pm.  Weather permitting, next Tuesday (7th June), Alice will take members to the nearby Calthorpe Project for a field study – and of course tea.

There is a blackbird that regularly visits the Millman Street garden, which members have nicknamed ‘Hello Darling’.  As yet, she has eluded HCA’s army of photographers, but rest assured, once she is captured on film, her likeness will fly into the Millman Street Centre blog.

Report by Notes Smudger

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