Sunken Cities: New Activity at Millman Street Community Centre

Sunken Cities

Hapy Daze: Weak pun on name of ancient Egyptian deity


There is a new activity for Millman Street Community Centre members.  Each Friday (from 27th May), Polly from the Mary Ward Centre is hosting a workshop called Sunken Cities, to tie in with an exhibition about the lost cities of ancient Egypt at the British Museum.

Assisted by a couple of volunteers, Polly encourages members to make art using bubbles, balloons and putting string around them with wool and glue.  Sounds messy but fun.

The lost Egyptian cities are Canopus and Thonis-Heracleion, whose foundations were swept away over 1,000 years ago by an earthquake and tsunami.  Of the artefacts exhibited, one is an 18 foot statue of the Egyptian deity Hapy (see photo above).

Sunken Cities-2

Preserved since antiquity: earliest known image of this reporter’s first girlfriend

Sunken Cities is part of a project to create art which, in collaboration with the art of other community groups, will be part of the final piece of artwork to be displayed during the Sunken Cities exhibition at the British Museum in July.

The Sunken Cities workshops take place between 1 and 3pm each Friday at Millman Street Community Centre.

The exhibition runs at the British Museum until 27th November 2016.

Photos copyright British Museum; Report by Notes Smudger


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