“Music is a therapy”: Arkansas Drifters Rock Millman Street Centre




Arkansas Drifters provide musical therapy for HCA members

On Monday 6th June, Millman Street Community Centre members were entertained by the Arkansas Drifters.  The band appeared in association with our friends at CLOD Ensemble, and featured a father and son – Frank and Frank Junior – and a new pedal-steel guitar player.

The gig went down very well with – almost – all of our members, as the band played an eclectic selection of rock’n’roll, country and honky tonk songs.  Members sang along and Carmen, our art tutor, danced to the rock’n’roll numbers.

“The music was absolutely fantastic,” Ivy said, adding: “It was the best we’ve ever had.  They were ever so friendly.  It was outstanding; really great.  I couldn’t believe it!  I’ve never heard anything better!”


The Arkansas Drifters: spared the usual HCA caption puns in the hope that such deference will persuade them to perform for our members again.

The Arkansas Drifters played songs by request, and were joined by a guest vocalist for a rendition of Johnny Cash’s Walk The Line – our very own David.  He enjoyed himself thoroughly.

“It was alright,” Helena, who likes all types of music, said.  “We had a singalong, it was good.”

Gloria said: “They were all clapping and dancing; they were all lively.  Music is a therapy,” she continued.  “It’s good for your mind, and changes your mood.  They did a mixture of stuff, so everyone gets something [that they like].”

Anne also enjoyed the performance.  “Me can’t sing but me just mumble along,” she grinned.

You can’t please everyone, though and, unfortunately, George didn’t really enjoy himself.  “It was far too loud,” he said.  It was ridiculous!  The music would have been good if it was at a proper [sound] level!”

However, Margaret thought: “It was very good!  I liked the singer.  It was nice; not too much rock’n’roll.  The chap that played the keyboard [pedal-steel guitar], I think he did very well!”

Like Ivy, Margaret hopes that the Arkansas Drifters will come and perform at Millman Street Centre again.  She said of the singer, “He was jolly; very friendly and he made you laugh!”


The Arkansas Drifters at Millman Street Centre: 3rd photo and still no puns

HCA would like to thank The Arkansas Drifters for performing for our members, and hope they will come back again to play at Millman Street Community Centre very soon.  As ever, thanks to our friends at CLOD Ensemble for sending another great band our way.

Reach The Arkansas Drifters at: musicforlondon.co.uk/rockabilly-bands/the-arkansasdrifters/

 CLOD Ensemble contact: www.clodensemble.com/

Photos by Richard; report by Notes Smudger

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