Celebration at St George the Martyr’s Church


St George the Martyr’s Church

Last Monday (13th June) Millman Street Community Centre members enjoyed an outing to St George the Martyr’s Church in Queen Square.  The event was organised to celebrate the Queen’s offical 90th birthday.

Our members – along with those of other community groups – enjoyed tea and cake and sang along to patriotic songs.  The Vicar, John, is, according to Ivy, “A smashing fella!  He’s always mucking about and laughing,” she added.  “And he was pleased with the amount of people that turned up.”

“It was very nice,” Helena said.  “I always like going there.  They give you a nice welcome.  I enjoyed it; I always do!”

“We had a lovely time,” Gloria said.  “Everyone was happy and singing and dancing.  The only thing wrong was that you’re not there long enough!  They’re very kind and caring there.  They gave us a bunch of flowers.  It’s nice to have flowers cos it brings life into the house.”

However, “It was just the same as usual,” said George.  “I’m not a singer,” he added, but “the others did; that and eating!”


1902 poster for Elgar’s Land of Hope & Glory: Alas, Madame Butt no longer available for concerts

Among the songs sung were Rule Brittania, God Save The Queen, There’ll Always Be An England and Land Of Hope And Glory.  Her maj didn’t put in an appearance – other engagements elsewhere, apparently.  But in her stead, our members seem (mostly) to have enjoyed the day out at St George’s the Martyr Church.  “They’re really nice people there,” Ivy said.

Report by Notes Smudger

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