Queenie’s 96th Birthday Bash


The Birthday Girl: 96 not out

Last Friday (10th June), Millman Street Community Centre members helped our very own Queenie celebrate her 96th birthday.  Rumours that local fire chiefs outlawed the proposed use of 96 candles on the cake as a fire hazard are unconfirmed; whilst rival made-up rumours – that using such an amount would have depleted a cathedral, and the cost of said candles would have bankrupted HCA – are likewise subject to speculation.


Queenie keeps an eye on her birthday cake prior to blowing out the candles


What can be said for sure is that members and birthday girl alike tucked into a strawberry sponge cake.  There was of course a spirited rendition of Happy Birthday To You by sung by our members.  “It was lovely,” said Helena.  “We had a sing-song.”

Anne also enjoyed herself.  “We enjoy everything,” she said, and she “Felt happy!”

“Very nice, yes,” said Fred.  “96 celebrations.  We had a sing-song, and cake and tea.” There were balloons and flowers, too.  “Queenie’s very agile for her age,” he said.

As for the birthday girl, she told this reporter: “It was lovely.  Marvellous!  They danced all around me; it was lovely – a proper family!”

Here’s to you, Queenie and many, many more to come!

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Photos by Sarah; report by Notes Smudger

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