Singing For Fun with the Mary Ward Centre Singers

Today, Milman Street Community Centre members enjoyed another Singing For Fun workshop with Heather.  This is a regular workshop, held on Tuesdays between 10:30am and 11:30am, and run by Heather as part of the Mary Ward Centre’s Outreach Project.

Under Heather’s direction, Norman and our members sang Blue Moon, The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, Que Sera Sera, and Edelweiss.  The two latter tunes will be performed by the Mary Ward Centre Singers at the annual Queen Square Fair, this Saturday (July 2nd) from around 1pm to 1:30pm.  The event is open to all local residents, starts at 12 noon and is due to conclude around 5pm..

“It was good,” Fred said of the workshop.  “She’s a good teacher.  She gives you exercises, how to breathe properly and so on.  Exercises for the face and jaws and for the movement of the lips.”

Janice also joined in, but is modest about her singing ability.  “I enjoy music but wouldn’t do anything more spectacular than that [the workshop].”

Mulegetta answered in his characteristic deadpan: “Not bad,” he said of the Singing For Fun workshop.  “I did participate,” he added, agreeing that singing was good for the frame, and that it’s,  “Always good.  I enjoy myself.”

Ivy also enjoyed Singing For Fun.  “Its always lovely with that girl [Heather].  They try to teach you something every week,” she added.  Like the majority of our members, she hopes to attend the Queen Square Fair on Saturday.

“All of the workshops are very good on the whole,” Janice said.  “Its good to have a variety of things,” she added.  Its very important to give people the chance to do what they’re interested in.”

Report by Notes Smudger


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