“In the end, it was teardrops”: Tea and Talkies: Members see Brooklyn movie

Last Monday (18th July), Millman Street Community Centre members were once again treated to a free film show at the Warner Brothers cinema in Grays Inn Road.  This time, the picture was Brooklyn, a tear-jerker romance based on Colm Tolbin’s novel of the same name.  Set in 1951-52, it starred Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Saoirse Ronan Domhnail Gleeson and Emory Cohen.  Afterwards, our members were once again treated to tea and cakes.

Brooklyn film

Admit it: You always secretly knew that beach towels were central to romance…

“It was great,” said Margaret.  “I liked it,” Ivy agreed, “It was a nice story.”

Margaret took this baffled reporter through the story: “This young Irish lady [Ronan] went to Brooklyn for work.  She met a chap [Cohen] at an Irish community centre.  She grew to like him and he asked her to marry him.  They get married secretly and she returns to Ireland for her sister’s funeral.”

It seems that she was once romantically entangled with Gleeson’s character, and once back in the Emerald Isle, is expected to take up with him again.  Only snag being, she’s already secretly married of course.

Spoiler Alert: don’t read on if you don’t wish to know how the film ends.

“In the end,” Margaret resumed, “she had to tell her mother the truth, that she had gotten married.  She settled down after having a baby.  At the end it was teardrops,” Margaret concluded.

“It was quite good,” said Helena.  “I enjoyed it.  It was quite nice.”  And not only the film: “I really enjoyed the tea and cakes,” she added enthusiastically.  “It was a nice selection of food.”

“It was nice,” Anne agreed.  “The men were nice,” she added, laughing, a twinkle in her eyes at the memory of the screening.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank our friends at Warner Brothers cinema for showing Brooklyn to our members, and also, as ever, for providing tea and cakes afterwards.

Report by Notes Smudger

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