“Very Lovely and Instructive”: Millman Street Community Centre Members at Sunken Cities Exhibition


Some of the artwork for the Sunken Cities exhibition

Last Monday (27th July), Millman Street Community Centre members enjoyed a trip to the British Museum to see the art display they had helped to make for the BM’s Sunken Cities exhibition.

The HCA part of the artwork was made during a recent course of workshops under the supervision of Polly and Mandy from the Mary Ward Centre.  Sadly, they were unable to come along and see the finished piece in situ.  The Workshop was part of a project to create art which, in collaboration with the art of other community groups, now forms part of the final piece of artwork displayed during the Sunken Cities exhibition.

Millman Street members Margaret, Bettina, Anne, Helena, Queenie, Fred and Edna all contributed to the artwork’s evolution.  Alas, for various reasons, not all of them were able to attend on Monday to see the completed work.  But of those who did go along, it seems to have gone down well.

Special thanks must go to Bernie, who sportingly paid for the teas, coffee and cakes enjoyed by HCA members, staff and volunteers after viewing the display.


Bettina (right) and Margaret (back to camera) marvel at the display

“It’s beautiful,” Maria said.  She added, of the varied representations of aquatic paraphernalia which our members had helped make:  “You’ll find all this in the Mediterranean!  Love it!”


Janice (left) and Margaret at the Sunken Cities display

“I made one or two bits and pieces of it,” said Margaret.  “Lovely, isn’t it?”


Our members’ efforts created some of this display

Bettina also enjoyed the experience, despite a sore arm, and over tea and cake outside on the steps afterwards (courtesy of Bernie), she had a good laugh at the antics of both Bernie and Carmen, who were in good form.


Poncy photo of shadow with display in background (or badly taken photo, to you and me)

Janice, along with hubbie Geoffrey, also enjoyed the contribution to the Sunken Cities exhibition made by our members.  “What I’ve seen so far, I’ve liked very much,” she said.  “I thought it was very well arranged.  Very lovely and instructive!”

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Holborn Community Association would like to thank the Mary Ward Centre for helping our members to participate in the artwork for the Sunken Cities exhibition at the British Museum.

Badly taken photos and report by Notes Smudger

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