#”Bang On!”Family Tree: Ancestry Workshop at Millman Street Community Centre

Yesterday (9th August), Millman Street Community Centre members were given an interesting talk by Ann Thorne on the subject of Ancestry, as part of HCA’s Family Tree workshops.

Ann had traced her family tree and had lots of really nice photos, and had put together a book.  It was a popular one-off workshop by all accounts.  “It was really, really good,” said Ivy.  “Bang on!”

Jean liked it, too: “It was interesting,” she said.  Ken revealed that Ann, “Started getting interested in ancestry when her daughter didn’t know about their family history.  She did a course on the subject in Camden, and turned it into a reference book story about her family, and the importance of photographs.”

He went on to say that Ann’s family had once owned the land on which the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are now held.  Apparently, her great-grandfather had been something of a rogue, and her great-grandmother had boasted of great wealth, whereas in reality they had “come from ordinary stock.”

Members learned that Ann’s family was half-Welsh, and had originally come to London in the 19th Century at the invitation of John Lewis, Derry & Toms and Swan & Edgars, all of whose owners had apparently been Welsh.  Ann had edited all of her material and put together a book for her family, just for personal consumption.

“She traced her family right back in time,” Ivy said.  “She asked us questions about our families and I told her some of mine.  She was a bit upper crust,” she added, but, “A really nice lady.  She bought a book of her family history,” to show our members.

HCA would like to thank Ann Thorne for sharing her research into Ancestry with our members, and hope that there may be scope for her to support our Family Tree classes in future.

Report by Notes Smudger

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